About me-The Girasole Lady

This is my story:

My name is Becka.
I was born in 1959.

I was born on a small dairy farm in the even smaller town of Valley Ford, California.  I grew up eating sweet cow grain, licking salt licks with horses, and swimming in water troughs.  You could say I was a true country girl from the beginning.

My parents transplanted me to the city in my late childhood to the Silicon Valley, before it was the Silicon Valley.  I temporarily forgot about my country roots. I aspired to live in a loft in San Francisco where I would lounge about while my maid cleaned and my nanny raised the children.

I was reminded of my inner "country-ness" when I was again transplanted in my teens.  This time, to the tiny Northern California town of Oroville.  At the time, I thought we had left civilization completely.  "Who can live here?" I wondered.  Turns out, I could.

I met my husband, Caveman, in 1975 and haven't left the town since.  I married young, in 1976 at age 17, and spent the next twenty years trapped in a suburban-type neighborhood.

I have been married to the same man TWICE
(1976-1999 and again in 2005-FOREVER)
(Papa- aka Caveman and Laci)

We have three daughters.  

Tonya, Beth and Kristina

Our oldest daughter

She has Laci

and Mia 
                                                                            and Noah
                                                       -our one Gran-Son


our second daughter

She has

and Brooklyn

And our sweet girl Beth
(the baby of our family)

I dreamed of someday returning to my country roots - you can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl.

In 1997, I realized that dream.  Cavemen, my husband, and I purchased a meager three acres in a cow pasture and built the quintessential white country farmhouse in 1998.  Life has since handed me many twists and turns and I've had to struggle at times to hold on to the farmhouse and all it symbolizes for me.

The Summer of 2009 brought me my first grandbaby.  As major life events often do, becoming a grandmother changed my perspective on living in the country and on life in general.  I was born in a place where we lived off the fat of the land and the fruits of our labor, so why was I toiling away in a tiny office pushing papers, looking out a window? I wish my life to revolve around the Seasons, not a computer and a telephone. Farming is nothing new to me, it is where I started my life over some 50 years ago, I am simply returning to where my being is centered. In April of 2011 I left my office job, to persue my dream.

These are the thoughts that inspired Girasole Farm.

Girasole Farm is my field.  A place where vegetables grow, fruit trees blossom, and flowers bloom abundant.   I am creating a haven of simple country life that I would love to share with others - offering all things country from Aprons to Zucchini.

It is a slow process to build such a place and I'm glad you share an interest.  Please visit again often to see how I'm coming along.

The Girasole Lady