Saturday, February 23, 2013


 Usually once every Winter we get a slushy mixture of rain and snow here at Girasole Farm.
We live in a valley surrounded by mountains that are covered with snow for the most part of Winter. 
It's nice to have the feel of snow in the air, yet not have all the work that comes along with it. 
Although, I wish it would snow just a tad bit more, but when you're at a sea level of about 200 feet, that rarely happens. 
Never the less everyone gets excited about slush.
On Tuesday we had slushy weather. 

Oh how my friends from the 'real' mountains, where you get real snow, must be laughing right about now! 

The following morning everything was frozen

and cold...

and CRUNCHY...

and if I closed my eyes while walking out to the barn, I could imagine there was real snow.

We're back to sunshine this morning.
I'm not sure what I'm doing today.
I had the sutures in my hand removed on Wednesday, so am pretty much back to normal.
Yeah- a working thumb!

Whatever kind of day you have, I hope it's a good one.

The Girasole Lady

Friday, February 15, 2013


On Tuesday I had hand surgery.
Nothing serious,  left thumb trigger release. 
It has been painful and stuck for the past several months, and while I have some post-op pain, it is nothing compared to how it was feeling before the procedure. 
I'm just glad it is over, so I can heal up good before the gardening season. 

Yesterday was Valentine's day, and was fairly uneventful. 
A quiet evening at home.
I found some Daffodil's blooming in the wooden barrel and brought them indoors. 

The sun once again has been shinning. 
About 70 degrees for the past couple of days. 

These lady dolls came from Ireland. My Grammy bought them during her stay in Ireland, in the 70's.
Recently the lovely ladies have come to live here at Girasole Farm.

 One is carrying a basket of sticks, and the other has some knitting in hand. 

 I don't know much about them, except that they are hand made by a local craftsman in Ireland. 

I love the way they look with the evening sun shinning on them. 
(I have been using my camera with the flash off, hmmm.....)

My Grammy kept a journal during her stay in Ireland, I need to re-read it and see if she mentions about her purchase of the dolls, since at the moment I seem not to remember. 

I will be glad to get this wrapping off my hand and the sutures removed next Wednesday. 

Have a lovely day.

The Girasole Lady

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February Sunshine

Typically during the month of February there is always a 'spring-like' week. 

It's filled with warm temperatures and lots of sunshine.

During last week, and so far this week, I have spent many of the days outside.
A little gardening, and pitter patting around, enjoying the fresh air and warmth of the sun.

The sun shines through the windows in the morning
 I love the way it casts shadows.

 Everyone enjoys the warmth of the sun
 the kitties and the horses.

Wyatt (red horse)  and Wiley (black horse)  had both been laying down in the sun that was streaming into the barn stalls, Wiley got up as soon as I wanted to take a picture of him.
The horses are all Wintery looking.
I remember the days when we used to show horses, always kept them blanketed, keeping lights on out at the barn so they wouldn't grow that long Winter coat.
Now we just have regular old horses, no blankets, no lights.

The sun peeking into the Hay stall.

Implements waiting to work the ground in the Spring.

Birds nest from last Spring & Summer.

I've been looking at seed catalogs & reading my gardening books.
Planning out the Summer garden.
The days are getting just a tad bit longer now.
This afternoon I went out to trim and working up a flower bed, clean the front porch, clean the barn, and when I came in for the evening it was almost 6 O'Clock.

We're expecting some rain by Thursday, back to Winter.

I've been not so much at the computer, and am very behind on catching up with my bloggy friends.
I'll get there...

The Girasole Lady