Monday, May 31, 2010


I thought my herb garden was never going to produce this year. I planted a month ago, and just in the past week everything has finally started to sprout up. Mr. Sunshine has just not been cooperating very well and so the little seeds just wanted to stay underground and hold out for warmer weather before they decided to peek through the soil.
This year the herb garden is not out in the bigger garden. It is in a smaller garden right outside the kitchen.






I planted this "cat grass" but I really think I am going to pull it out. It just looks like weeds. Yes- the cats like it-it just needs to NOT be in the herb garden. What was I thinking?

Each corner of the herb garden has Variegated Creeping Charlie and Coreopsis.

The Girasole Lady

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I am always in amazement at the beauty of gardening. It lures me from all the daily tasks I should be tending to. Armed with my best pal, Nikon,  we strolled around and peeked at some of the things that are blooming here at Girasole Farm. This was especially refreshing because I have spent the last 3 days stuck in the confines of my office, you know- the place I go to really make a living. Well, at least for the time being.

Sweet Peas



This year I have done some "road side" gardening.
Sunflowers have been planted along the fence by the road.

Road side Roses

A Killdeer nest

Happy Gardening
The Girasole lady

Monday, May 17, 2010

A Bushel of Apples

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The Girasole Lady

Farmer's Fatigue

Is there such a thing...Farmer's Fatigue? It must be so.
Today I actually welcomed the light rain we have been having for two reasons. 1- I can't think of anything better to feed the newly planted garden. 2- I am spending the evening indoors, which allows me this opportunity to update everyone on what has been happening at Girasole Farm.

Lots of new blooms from the roses. I am a terrible rose mommy. I really have no idea how to care for them properly.They have black spots on the leaves,  dead old shoots, or stalks, or whatever they are called. I think you are supposed to prune them...when? I am not sure.. but I never have.  Sure they look fine in the pictures (thank goodness for close-up shots). The only roses I really love here are the ones down at the road by the mailbox. They are a rambling rose that need very little care and attention. Those deserve a post of their own at a later time.

The orchard is coming along fine, except for the curly leaf on the nectarine trees. I still have yet to learn to control it. I'll spare you the pictures. It's just too painful to look at.

WE HAVE SIGNS OF GROWTH...............

A little help from the lady bugs. Oh Lady Bug, Lady Bug, do not fly away home. Please stay and care for the trees. I promise your house is not on fire and your children are fine.

We have a life line of water to all the trees. Whew-A life saver to me too.

The Garden has been planted. It starts looking something like this:

Then looks like this:

Tomatoes & Peppers
Everything else is planted from seed.
can you see the tiny "baby"?

We have planted watermelon, cantaloupe, butter nut squash, Isley peppers, jalapeno peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, corn, carrots and radishes. (I have another garden for my herbs)

The Spirea bloomed beautiful this year.  (so did the grand-baby Laci)
Isn't that the most beautiful baby..blooms you have ever seen?

My birds are happy in the trees too.

Ok I am sure you've had enough. Time to get back to the garden.

Guess it's over now.
BYE until next time.
The Girsole Lady